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These late summer oval beauties, with their dusty purple-black coat and amber-yellow meat, are good for eating out of hand or baking into sparkling fruit tarts. The flesh is fine-grained and slightly gelatinous in texture, rich and super sweet. Pit and bake them with a sprinkle of sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice for a lovely compote to spoon over ice cream or sponge cake.

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Size: 22 LB
Country of Origin:
United States of America local
Hudson River Fruit
Hudson River Fruit Distributors in Milton, N.Y. is one of the largest apple growers in this region. It was established in July 12, 1963, by Isadore "Izzy" Albinder, along with his son Harold Albinder. Izzy first entered the apple business back in 1932, after immigrating from Russia. He saw an... Learn more about Hudson River Fruit
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Prune Plums

22 LB
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