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Lucky Lee's beefsteaks are field-grown, sun ripened, hand-picked and hand-packed. They are never gassed and never stored below 55 degrees as cold storage degrades a tomato's taste and texture. Lucky's growers also employ an advanced ozone-based cleaning technology solution which naturally kills airborne pathogens and washes the tomatoes at the same time. This environmentally friendly process makes Lucky's tomatoes fresher, cleaner and safter with extended shelf life and decrease in decay. Lucky tomatoes are the first choice for many white tablecloth restaurants and, maybe even more impressively, are the Shake Shack Burger chain tomato.

Product Details:
Size: 20 LB
Country of Origin:
United States of America
Lucky's Real Tomatoes
New York’s Chefs may remember Lucky walking into their kitchens with a case of tasty tomatoes over her shoulder, back in the early 1980’s. Although it was Lucky’s face they saw, it was her brother Alan Marcelli, who developed the farming division and closed loop trucking system... Learn more about Lucky's Real Tomatoes
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2 Layer 4X5 Stickered Tomatoes

20 LB
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