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The coast of Brittany, France, with its mild climate and fertile soil, is the ideal terroir for growing true shallots and there shallot production is an age-old tradition. These true, organic shallots are completely cultivated by hand and require constant monitoring. Once pulled, they're left to dry in the open air 10-12 days, then later in refrigerated units. The result is a firm shallot with shiny, dry skin, pinkish flesh, and a delicate flavor and aroma. How to differentiate between mechanically produced shallots and the true shallot of Bretagne? The true shallot has a hard, raised scar at the level of the roots and an assymetrical shape in relation to the line at the root base.The impostor, grown from Dutch seed instead of planted by hand, looks more uniform and industrially produced.

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Size: 8 X 5 LBS
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Organic Shallots

8 X 5 LBS
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